Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use your textures for ?

You can use our textures (pictures, brushes, etc.) in any of your projects such as 3D graphics, web design, print, textile design etc.

Can I include your textures in my projects ?

You can use our textures (pictures, brushes, etc.) in any of your projects.We only ask you to not redistribute our textures as a bundle. You are allowed to include them in your models or even sell them as prints but you are not allowed to sell bundled textures on your or any other website.

Can I download your textures for free ?

Yes, but not all of them. Our free BASIC membership plan will allows you to download smaller sizes of our textures from limited categories.

Do Premium members have access to all of the materials on your site ?

Our GOLD, PLATINUM and DIAMOND members have access to all of our materials. All our plan are explained in detail on our plan page.

When does my membership expire ?

All the information about your account can be found on the account page after you log in.

How often are my credits updated ?

Your credits are updated every month. You can find the exact date on your account page.

My credits have not updated; what should I do ?

Try to sign out and sign in again. If this won't work please contact us either via the form on our website or email us at support(at)

Do I have to use all of the credits in the current month ?

No you don't have to. Your credits are automatically rolled over to the next month. This will be done indefinitely. You'll never lose any credits if you don't spend them. Never ever.

I've used all of my credits for the current month. Can I buy more ?

Yes, of course. You can buy more credits in the upgrade section of your account page.

Can I still use my credits after my membership has expired ?

Yes, of course. Your credits are valid and can be used even after your membership has expired. Your credits will stay in your account indefinitely or until you spend them all.

What happens to my remaining credits when I upgrade to a new plan ?

All credits for each remaining month will be added to you new plan. You'll never loose any credits. Never ever.

Do I have to pay for material if I've already downloaded it ?

No you don't. All materials you have already downloaded will show 0 credits and will hence be free to download again.

Do you accept materials from someone else ?

Thank you but at the moment we don't accept any materials from third parties.

Where do I report a bug, misspelling or some other error on your site ?

We offer free membership of an appropriate value for each reported bug on our site. Please contact us on development(at) and we will get back to you ASAP.