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In this section, you'll mainly find photographic textures of different materials. You can use them in numerous projects such as design, print, and 2D or 3D graphics. Older textures are provided in JPG format. However, more recent entries and future ones will be added in lossless formats such as TIF or PNG to ensure maximum quality. All textures are grouped in closely related categories, as well as individually where there is more than one variation of the same.

PBR Textures

PBR textures contain industry-standard seamless textures. There are three main types: Bitmap, Procedural, and 3D scan. You can find the exact type in each texture description. All textures in this section are produced in lossless formats such as TIF or PNG and, where appropriate, in 16-bit format to ensure the best possible quality. Some textures also contain SBAR graphs. Every texture is provided in ZIP files containing all of the necessary maps.

pbr wood
photo medium


In the Photos section, you'll find texture-related to photos. There are no seamless textures in this section, but you can find detailed reference images here. All nature pictures such as flowers and leaves can be found in this section, as well as pictures of various backgrounds and surfaces. All pictures are in lossless formats such as TIF or PNG, and some are in 16-bit format.


In Brushes, you can find numerous smaller bitmap or vector images that are suitable for creating an assortment of brushes for your projects. This section is divided into three main categories: bitmap, vector, and 3D. All bitmap images are in lossless formats such as TIF or PNG, and in 16-bit format for maximum effect.

brush mixed
pattern tile 5x5


In this section, you'll find many useful continuous patterns for your projects. These can serve as a basis for creating new materials. Each of them is divided into categories and organized into closely related series to make things easier for you. Every pattern is provided in vector format for easy editing and smooth scalability. In addition, all patterns are seamless, fully editable, and are provided in SVG or AI files.


Packs are collections of similar textures and pictures of the same category such as bricks, roads, and flowers. These are bundled together in ZIP files. All images in each pack are the same size, and this makes them easily interchangeable in your projects. Each pack also contains a preview file that is free to download.

pack stone