About us

There is nothing more rewarding and freeing than a career in the creative arts. It’s a beautiful way to connect with the world and learn how to express ourselves. However, life can be hard for artists and designers - especially those who are starting out with very little money. Purchasing textures, brushes, and patterns to enhance your work and further your skills can be expensive, and it’s not long before many talented artists are put off pursuing this as a career or hobby.But that’s where we come in.

Plaintextures was founded in 2010, and what initially started as a hobby grew and evolved into something truly incredible; it’s a company based on a passion for the creative arts. Over the course of ten years, it has been expanding and evolving, with members from across the globe benefitting from a range of texture packs available at affordable prices.

This is what stands at the centre of our goal - quality and affordability. We believe in supplying top quality texture packs to budding and expert artists alike at prices they are able to comfortably afford. There was no compromise until we launched our website.

One of our strong points is the fact that we have a detailed background in the industry, giving us the knowledge and reliability to leave you in capable hands. It helps us choose the right products and packs for sale. Our slow, steady growth and development mean that we have been able to take the time to carefully research the market and listen to what artists and designers want from companies like ours.

So, when you need texture packs, think Plaintextures. We’re here to supply you with everything you need and more.