Plaintextures license.

   All textures on this page are property of Plaintextures and are free to use with any art or design.

   May I use them with my 3D models, art, or design and post them on other sites ?

   Yes, you can.

   May I download textures and put them for others on my web site?

   No, you must not resale or redistribute images on their own.

   May I use more than one account with the same IP address ?

   No, you can't. If you need more files you need to register as a Premium member.

   May I use scripts or programs to download textures ?

   No, you can't. Anyone using script or program will banned from the site.

   Why can't I download all textures for free ?

   Most of them are for free but making seamless textures require time and effort that is why we charge small fee.

   I have signed up for free but now I need Premium membership.

   You can upgrade your membership in your profile.